Ditch fast fashion to cut carbon footprint

5:14pm - 15 December 2021

Transport, food and energy industries create huge greenhouse gas emissions – but have you considered your clothing too?

The carbon footprint of clothing is estimated to be between two and 10 per cent of global emissions.

While this is hard to calculate exactly, we know fast fashion causes both environmental and social damage.

Everyone wears clothes so we can all do something to help tackle the issue.

One of the simplest switches you can make immediately is to wash clothes at a lower temperature so they last longer.

Aim for 30 degrees, wash them less frequently, and air dry rather than use a tumble drier.

Not only will this help prolong the life of your clothes, you’ll also cut your energy use and save money.

Buying second-hand is the logical next step. Check out charity shops or online preloved clothes stores such as Vinted, Depop and Etsy, where you can search for specific items or brands, at a much-reduced price compared to new.

If you have clothes that no longer fit or haven’t been worn in a while, pass them onto someone else to extend their life and avoid landfill.

You could offer them to your friends, family members or neighbours, donate to a charity shop or resell them yourself.

Before you buy anything new ask yourself – do I really need it?

Could you borrow something from a friend or family member instead?

Why not take a break from fast fashion and challenge yourself to buy no new clothes for the next three months?

If you do need to buy new items, try to buy fewer, better quality items which will last longer, and look for organic materials where possible.

We all need to play our part to reduce carbon emissions and help create a healthier, happier, greener North Somerset.

Find more hints and tips in the Climate Action North Somerset Facebook group.