Build connections to improve mental health

2:57pm - 11 May 2022

Meaningful connections with friends, family, colleagues and communities can really help our mental health.

It’s now Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme is loneliness.

Feeling lonely is something we can all experience at any point in our lives. It can make us feel isolated and can have a negative impact on our wellbeing.

Society is changing fast and since the pandemic, our routines and workplaces have changed, with more working from home and remote, digital conversations.

Chronic loneliness can lead to low mood or self-esteem, poor sleep, or increased anxiety and stress.

But there are lots of simple actions we can take to help lift both ourselves and others out of loneliness, such as…

  • give a friend or family member a call or text
  • invite someone for a walk
  • reach out to a friend for a cuppa.

Mental health problems affect about one in four people in any given year, so about 36,000 people in North Somerset alone.

We’ve got a round-up of information and links about mental health support on our website, including tips for self-care.

Our Five Ways to Wellbeing leaflet also has a simple round-up of five ways to improve wellbeing in our daily lives.

North Somerset-based organisation We Are Aware is a local community interest company which raises awareness of mental health, suicide prevention and wellbeing. It also hosts a closed peer support Facebook group, We Are Aware Isolation Support, as well as public social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

In Portishead, a support group for men was set up during the first covid lockdown.

Men in Mind, set up from Bosscut Barbers, offers regular online sessions to support men to understand and better their psychological and emotional wellbeing.

The Every Mind Matters website also has simple, practical tips help deal with stress, boost your mood and feel on top of things.

You could also do the short Every Mind Matters quiz to get your mind plan of action.